Why I’m not throwing my now 3 yrs old a birthday party

Why I’m not throwing my now 3 yrs old a birthday party

Why I’m not throwing my now 3 yrs old a birthday party

I remember planning my first born Sierrah’s 1st birthday, it was one lavish party. I mean my whole entire income tax check was dropped on this birthday bash. I threw it at a Golf country club in Orlando back in  2005. Everyone wore all white, we had open bar and had barely any kids lol. But then again, that’s what we do as islanders lol we throw parties for our kids and only invite our friends. This girl had a birthday party every year until she turned five then I opted for milestone birthdays instead; 5;10;13;16;18. When my son Christian (2yr old) came along, I really felt bad for not wanting to plan for his 1st birthday so I gave in and planned a whole trip to Orlando to celebrate with my family and friends. That trip costed us over 1000$, does he remember? Absolutely NOT!

His second birthday rolled around and you know what I did? I cut a cake.. Spent $25! Gathered my kids, the hubs, my sister & her husband and a couple of friends and sung my baby a Happy Birthday. I did the same for my youngest Mayson who turned one, back in April. Throwing parties can be very costly, the venue, cake, Dj, invitations, decor is practically two round trip tickets to Thailand.. Thailand for $200 please lol

and let’s not forget the time invested in planning these events, from beginning to end. I refuse to talk about the aftermath “the cleaning” like who, who has the time or patience for that? I’ve wised up once again but this time for good. I’m not saying not to throw parties for your kids, I just don’t think every year is necessary but to each is own. I’ve got two teenage girls who last year reached a milestone, 13 & 16. We didn’t have a party but they got to go shopping, a spa day, a joined photo session, diner outing etc. Yes, it was costly but this doesn’t happen every year.

I started to become a bit more mindful of our expenses instead of going for broke because I’ve been there done that! and there is absolutely no shame in that. With that being said, my son Christian is three today, we’ll be cutting a cake this evening. My baby is officially a big boy!!





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  1. Yes I send mine with cup cakes to school because they spend all day with their friends at school then I ask them what do they want to do my daughter usually a pedi my sons just want to play at the park or Aunty Sonya House is where they want to go so we go see family ?

    1. haha and that’s really all they need..

  2. Yup we have been doing milestones since 5 for both, especially since their beats are less then 3 weeks apart and they are 2 years apart. This year we only have one bday being planned with our youngest turning 13. Make life much easier doing it this way

  3. Love this. Just had a baby and already let my family know there will not be any lavish party. Just a jumbo cupcake and a photo shoot for memories.

    1. Girl, exactly! we will celebrate the milestones lol

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