I had a client come in today. She was scheduled for a 10am but arrived 20 mins late. I was a bit irritated and for any hair stylist reading this, I’m sure you can understand how frustrating it can be. When she arrived I immediately explained to her that a late fee would be accessed and collected at the end of her session. She looked at me and said she won’t be able to pay. Pacing back n forth, she looked at me again and asked if I was serious. I then looked back at her and with a smile and continued to explain the salon’s late policy which is also explained on the website. She looked devastated but more so puzzled. She replied and her exact words were ” Ruth (shakes her head) repeats my name again, “Ruth, you’re not being fair; I was 20 mins late yes, but it was also raining like cats and dogs outside, I live on the other side of town and the traffic was insane which by the way was out of my control. My daughter was gracious enough to gift me this style and I was really looking forward to getting it installed.” My oh my did I feel bad, so bad that I wouldn’t allow myself to continue the back n forth so I asked her to have a seat so we could begin.

As she sat down, I thought to myself .. not one time did she get out of character, the tone in her voice, her poise and just the way she handled it was nothing I’ve ever seen before. Deep down inside I just knew God was in her. This situation could’ve easily gone left but God… so I begin to install her twists style and almost immediately we started talking as if nothing happened. Jesus culture station was in the background and she asked who the artist was which then lead her to asking what church I attended. I told her and then turned around and asked her the same question. Now, prior to this appointment I had never serviced her before however she looked familiar; I just couldn’t pin point where I knew her from (I’m sure you’ve had that happen to you before) She gives the name of her church and it dawned on me; Wow! My sister attends the same church and I visited the church a few months ago to witness my nephew being dedicated, small world right?

and so we continued talking, I shared a lot of my past hurts and disappoints. Topics I would never care to share. I felt so comfortable. I’m just about half way through the install at this point, conversation faded a little. She sighed and chuckled right after. Minutes later she was looked at her phone and said I’d like to share something with you. Told her I was all ears . She begins to share with me the story of John the baptist’s foretold birth story. In my mind I’m like why is she wanting to share that with me? She begins to share how an angel (Gabriel) had an encounter with Zechariah and how the angel told him he would have a son and was to name the child John. Zechariah doubted the angel. He told the angel, I’m an old man and so is my wife; how do you expect this to happen? Then the angel said to Zechariah, God sent me to tell you the good news but since you don’t believe, you will be silenced until the baby is born. And so it happened, he couldn’t talk. 

She continued to tell the story … 6 months into Zechariah’s wife Elizabeth’s pregnancy, the same angel showed up at Mary’s (Jesus’s mother) house. Angel shares the same message, told her she would birth a son and she is to call him Jesus. Mary’s response was this; “I am the Lord’s servant” everything you have said about me come true so I’m rolling with you .. haha you know I had to put a little joke in there.. but anyways, A few days later Mary decided to pay Elizabeth a visit. At this point, Mary was already pregnant. When she arrived, just by the sound of her voice Elizabeth’s unborn child leaped in her stomach and Elizabeth was immediately filled with the Holy Spirit. She began to worship God. She asked Mary “why am I so honored, that the mother of whom I serve visits me today” she continued to say how blessed she was..

This story was so good, I mean I didn’t want her to stop. As she continued to read, I began to cry on the inside. I cried happy tears because this was yet, another encounter with God. This was the woman at the well type of encounter; Here we have two of the same situation but yet two different outcome. Zechariah who loved God doubted God’s ability, Whereas, Mary who also loved God and knew it was God’s doing and began to immediately worship him and sing a song of praises to her creator. How many of us, walk around here claiming to love God yet we doubt him every single day? Me! I know that I love him but in all honesty I’m still learning how to let go and allow you, God to take full control . We are pregnant, pregnant with a vision(s) that God has implanted in us however because we doubt him and refuse to trust him; he silences our vision to avoid us from self sabotaging.

Until you begin to trust him, he has kept your vision hostage.  This was no coincidence, this was a divine appointment that only God can put together. He continuously reminds me that I am not alone on this journey. I must trust him always and pretty much told me to stop doubting him. By the end of the story, I hugged her so tight.  

Ruth J


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  2. Wow! God is so amazing. Thank you for sharing your story and truth.

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