To all my mamas out there trying to figure out if you’ll ever get back to being your old self again.. You know, the woman you used to be before the kids. The woman who used to take her time dressing herself up, who cared how her hair looked or maybe the woman who used to take long baths to get herself relaxed before bed.. 

YOU CAN! It’s just up to you to make those changes. Going into my 3rd pregnancy, I made the decision to get a hold of myself. I got back to doing the things that made me happy like getting my nails, hair and eyebrows done. Going to lunch by myself, ordering wine to eat with my Caesar salad and not feel guilty that my kids are at home and not with me. I stopped feeling guilty about buying a new hippie or new pair of shoes. 

When was the last time you bought yourself something nice? When was the last time you got all dolled up and had a night out with ya girls? When was the last time you took a solo trip to a restaurant without having to think about your kids for a second? Too often, I heard women say ” I could never leave my kids, I want to be in their lives.” It’s called balance mama, you’ve got to find it. One day they’ll grow up and they’ll leave you but when they do, then what?

2019 is just a few days away, do what makes you feel alive and leave the guilt behind. 



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