Had to check that little voice in my head the other day!

Back in February, I decided it was really time to take my Christian walk seriously. I became a member of Chapel Hill Church Douglasville; a church I had been going to off and on for the past three years and soon after, I got baptized. It was one of the most incredible moments in my life. It felt liberating, refreshing and accomplished; sounds corny but it was totally how I felt. Since then, I joined the music ministry and couple months ago and did a 6 week course on how to “Stay” in your walk with Christ!

The desire to know God on a deeper level has always been an interest of mine but the more I wanted to learn the more thoughts would come to mind.  Lately it’s been “girl, you’re silly.” “You have no time” “you could be doing something else” “This is dumb” “why are you so interested in wanting to know someone you’re not able to see” “you’ve been in church all your life, you know God” “fake like your holy, they’ll believe you”

Now normally when this happens I get discouraged and start to believe in those lies and would backslide. Soon the desires would fade away and I would just go back to my old ways; but what I’m realizing is that this is EXACTLY what the enemy wants you to think! He wants you think that God isn’t real. I set my alarm for 6am the other day, trying to get into the routine of meditation. I woke up dragging my feet because I didn’t want to get up but I was committed. The alarm was set for 1hr. Headed towards the bathroom to get to my walk-in closest and I heard a voice say “ you get in, and I’ll destroy you”!

Scary, right? it immediately got me on my knees.. shouting out Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. I opened my bible not really knowing what to read and I stumbled on the book of Timothy; 2 Timothy 1:7 to be exact and it said “For the spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” Ummm hello! Thank you God for clarity. I felt so much better after that and got right into the word. I’m far from perfect and definitely not pretending to be holier than thou; I’m still sorting my old habits and creating new ones but I refuse to go back to how I use to be. God has been too good to me to shy away from him now.

The more you profess your love for christ, the more the enemy will try to distract you but don’t get discouraged. It’s a battle worth fighting for!



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