Most of us women have all experienced the heartache of a break up. I’ll be honest with you, it’s one of the most painful experiences one could ever endure. I found myself becoming bitter, depressed, feeling unwanted and the list goes on. I’d often ask God why, why create love ? Why create something that’s supposed to be a  “good” thing into a bad thing ? like why… Am I not allowed to be happy?? What could I have possibly done that was so bad in your eyes that you couldn’t forgive me and chose to punish me?

At 24 yrs old, I got pregnant to a man whom I thought was the man of my dreams. A year later he disappeared and never returned. No calls, texts, emails, fax, no letter trapped in a bottle at sea; absolutely nothing. I was devastated, angry and broken. I carried this brokenness everywhere and when I mean every where, every where. But let’s rewind for a little bit; in the beginning of us dating, there were red flags all throughout but because of the connection I felt I had with him, I ignored ALL of the signs and kept it moving. I figured eventually it’ll change.. silly me!

Here’s what I realized, every woman has the desire to love and be happy but not every woman taps into their God given gift to protect their heart. That inner voice that’s reminding you about the concerns  you have aka red flags of this person aren’t just there, they’re actually there to protect you; yet we ignore it. We want to be in a relationship so badly that we give these dead weight relationships the benefit of the doubt, we wait and just pray to God things change. Well, it won’t! There’s a saying I used to say “you can’t help who you fall in love with.” bwahaha that’s a whole load of crap. You can ABSOLUTELY help who you fall in love with. Love is a beautiful thing and it should never be downplayed because God is love.  As long as you’re listening to that inner voice aka holy spirit, it will help protect your heart, mind, body & soul; it will never stare you wrong.

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  1. Wow this really hit home and right in the middle of a situation like this I can’t let go of the pain the hurt. One minute am up the next minute am down most of the time all I do is cry. I don’t want to be around absolutely no one instead of getting better it feels like the hurt is all new and yet it’s been over a year

    1. only time can heal you. But just remember God knew it was gonna happen before you did so he helped you escape. Think about it. I know this may sound lame but it’s the honest truth “everything happens for a reason” and in due time it’ll just be a thing of the past. You’ll look back and thank God for removing what wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place. I love you, God loves you. Trust in him, he’ll heal your brokenness, he said he will. If he can do it for me, he will surely do it for you.

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