Happy Monday Mama’s 

It’s the first Monday of the year. My husband is a trucker driver and is  home for a couple days until he goes back on the road again for work and I’ll be taking full advantage of some “ME” time.. well may not.. because we don’t see each other on a daily it’s important that I give him some quality time. 

One of the challenges I sometimes face as a stay at home mom is acknowledging that he is also tired and when he comes home from traveling across states three weeks at a time, he may just want to relax. I’ve learned to compromise. I no longer dump the kids on him and say here, I’m tired… which I’ve done sooooo many times before; I allow him to get his rest and usually he’ll just take over from there without me even having to say a word. 

I stopped complaining and nagging about being so tired because after all being a stay at home mom is my JOB. Although my job is a never ending kinda job, complaining about a 9-5 aint gonna change the fact that you still have to work it. You’re not going to hand over your job responsibilities to your co-worker either; so I’ve learned to treat it as such

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  1. I completely understand. When my husband comes home, I throw all responsibilities to him. I’m like “Here ya go” and “bye!” My husband and I spoke about it this subject matter the other day. He gets so frustrated with me when I do this. Yes, I do complain. And yes, at times I make it all about me. However, like you said, staying home with these beautiful children IS my job. As a matter of fact, it is a ministry! My aim this year is to take care of “me”, make my home a haven, and pray for my husband. I desire for communication and understanding. So, when he comes home, I try to make it a haven for him. A place of love, laughter, rest, peace…and so on. And at the same time, I make sure I take care of me (emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically). That will help me to handle and manage life as a mother and wife. Thanks for sharing your post. It’s inspiring and confirming.

    1. Yes! to ministry.. and it’s one we chose to get into but until we take care of ourselves as you mentioned we will continue to struggle and be overwhelmed. Cheers to a change of perspective in 2019!!

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