Being a stay at mom sure has it’s perks and I’m so blessed to be able to spend lots of time with my kids because as we know it, not many mama’s are as fortunate. While the two older kids are in school, my two toddler boys which are 3 and 1 however are home with very little to do because this mama here has no plans to home school. Not to say they aren’t learning anything at all, I do go over numbers and the alphabet but at their age, at least for the 3 yr old I feel needs to be learning a lot more. Because I do strongly believe in early childhood learning, going to the library has now become one of our favorite places to go. Public libraries around the world  have implemented so many different programs to help in early childhood development such as children’s book festivals, story time, arts & craft, music , theatrical and technology based activities that enrich the stories being read and a list go on. In our local library, Wolf Creek Library .. Wednesday & Friday they offer story time, arts & craft, singing and dancing. The boys aren’t too fond of the story time because it requires for them to be silent and listen but eventually they’ll get used to it because after all, this is only our 3rd visit. 

Christian now gets so excited to go, in fact every time we get in the car the first thing he asks is if we’re going to the library lol . So if you’re anything like this mama and home schooling is just not your ministry I’d like to encourage you to go to your local library and do the following:

(1) Give your little one a preview of the library, allow them to get a feel of the place. 

(2) Go to the hands on section where they’ll be able to pick out their own books, games and puzzles are usually laid out there as well

(3) Stop by the grown up section too just to explain the difference between the kids & adult section. Trust me they’ll know the difference but you sharing it with them gives them confirmation

(4) Sign up for story-time. There you’ll be able to get the monthly schedule 

(5) Get a library card for the kiddo!

Wolf Creek Library 

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