I am by the far the worst when it comes to watching/ playing sports; I just don’t do sports. When I got married to my husband I knew it was something I’d have to eventually start liking or at least pretend to (lol) because it’s something he enjoys doing. He’s not so much a football nor basketball fan but SOCCER????????? OMG! It seems as though soccer is played all year around because it’s on 24/7 in my house. We have 3 TV’s; Although I’m not a TV person I sometimes like to sit down and watch first 48, law in order or criminal minds but when Jr is home; it’s impossible. All 3 TV’s must be on the sports channel, like how does this make any sense? He can’t watch them all at the same time… ughhh

and did I mention, he is a season pass holder for Atlanta United? When he got wind of Atlanta possibly putting together a soccer team, you would’ve thought he was one of the players lol ” I gotta get ready for these games” he’d say…  I mean whatever floats his boat, right? He takes “HIS” games and his tailgates very seriously but I won’t lie, I’ve been to several of his tailgates trying to be the “supportive” wife ya know? I must say I’ve enjoyed it. Him and his friends go ALL OUT! Speakers, Big screen tv’s, grilling, drinks, etc. I mean all out. They get first dibs on parking space and all. But for me to sit in front of a TV to watch sports? I’ve attempted several times and have failed but still willing to try. I love that it makes him happy, I can see it in his eyes.

So here’s what I’ve been forcing myself to do and if you’re anything like me, maybe you should try this too. I’ve been trying to get involved more by asking him about his games. His team just recently won the championship, he purchased the entire family shirts, we wore it this past Sunday to our nephew’s sport themed birthday party. See… I’m showing support! He’s going to the victory parade tomorrow, December 10th. I’ve asked to go with him… progress!!!

In all honesty, being married is all about making small sacrifices to please each other. Choosing to watch his favorite sports game instead of your go-to show I find is a great way to show gratitude towards him. I’m choosing to not always make it about me; what  “I” like and what “I” want and what “I” don’t want to do because in the end it’s not about me. I’m making an effort, hope you do too!

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  1. Nope I can’t do it. Lol. Like you, I don’t like to watch sports on TV but I watch other things. I leave the sports to him and he leaves the rest to me. It works for us

    1. haha!

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